DevOps Dozen 2021 – Tools and Services Award Honorees


Category 1 - Best End to End DevOps Tool/Service

GitOps is an integral part of the DevOps toolbox. This award is presented to the most outstanding GitOps tool.

Gitlab 14 – GitLab 14 is a complete DevOps platform with security embedded in it, visibility and insights enabled by its single data store, a seamless experience and an extensible system. By using one platform for source code management, CI, CD, infrastructure as code and security, teams are more efficient, collaborative and productive. Visibility into the key DORA metrics that define DevOps maturity, gives organizations the ability to drive both team performance and competitive edge. GitLab 14 also offers customizable value stream analytics to optimize workflows. Lastly, GitLab 14 enforces security on every commit, providing real-time feedback as development is happening. New vulnerability management capabilities provide the controls and observability needed to protect the software factory and its deliverables.

Red Hat

Category 2 - Best DevOps Repo/GitOps Tool/Service

This award recognizes research that has significantly and positively impacted the DevOps community.

Red Hat OpenShift GitOpsRed Hat OpenShift GitOps takes a developer-centric approach to building applications, using the Git repository as the single source of truth for both developers and operations teams. Based on the open source Argo CD project, OpenShift GitOps enables IT teams to implement GitOps workflows for cluster configuration and application delivery.


Category 3 - Best CI/CD Tool

This award recognizes the best CI/CD tool that helps create a solid pipeline to deliver quality code more quickly.

CircleCIWriting software and delivering it is still an incredibly complex process, but CircleCI automates that complexity so teams can focus on solving problems for users. Its mission is to allow developers to build faster and more accurately to speed up time to innovation.


Category 4 - Best Value Stream Management Tool

Value stream management has come into its own as an important tool for measuring the business value of DevOps and application development. This award recognizes the value stream management tool that most effectively helps visualize the value stream, track metrics and measure improvement.

CloudBees Platform – This is an end-to-end, integrated platform that provides a single solution for continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), value stream analytics, feature management (FM), release orchestration and continuous compliance. Using CloudBees Platform, users can view and analyze their software delivery process from end to end, leveraging DORA metrics to drive improvement across teams.

Category 5 - Best Observability Solution

This award recognizes the best observability solution for observing and monitoring performance logs and metrics to understand the performance of individual components and systems.

HoneycombUsed by high-performance engineering teams so they can quickly understand what their code does in the hands of real users in unpredictable and highly complex cloud environments. Using Honeycomb’s service level objectives (SLOs), organizations can align business and engineering goals to provide fast, reliable and great customer experiences.


Category 6 - Best DevSecOps Solution

This award honors the best DevSecOps solution, which enables security to be included earlier and continuously throughout the SDLC.

JFrog XRay – With its recent acquisitions of Vdoo and Upswift, JFrog has expanded its impact and expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, DevSecOps, secure device fleet management and IoT. JFrog Xray integrates into a developer’s workstream, helping them seamlessly discover and remediate vulnerabilities, achieve shorter release cycles and reduce security risk.


Category 7 - Best Testing Service/Tool

Testing is a mainstay in the DevOps toolchain, and this award recognizes the most popular testing tool for ensuring the quality of code release.

Applitools Case study with EVERFI
Applitools was built to help companies release, test and monitor flawless mobile, web and native apps in a fully automated way. Founded in 2013, Applitools uses sophisticated AI-powered image processing technology to ensure that an application appears correctly and functions properly on all mobile devices, browsers, operating systems and screen sizes.


Category 8 - Best Kubernetes Platform/Service

The adoption of containers has paved the way for an entire solutions ecosystem supporting and enhancing the container technology. Kubernetes is perhaps the most widely recognized and utilized. This award honors the most reliable and secure Kubernetes platform available.

SUSE Rancher 2.6 – SUSE Rancher is 100% open source and free from vendor lock-in, giving users the flexibility and ability to manage their containers across any certified Kubernetes distribution. SUSE Rancher helps IT professionals address the operational and security challenges of managing certified Kubernetes clusters in the data center, in the cloud and at the edge. It also provides DevOps teams with integrated tools for building and running containerized workloads at scale.


Category 9 - Best Cloud Native Security Solution/Service

The cloud-native movement has been steadily gaining ground as more organizations recognize the benefits of building applications and services specifically for cloud-native environments. This award recognizes the best solutions and services considered cloud-native.

Traceable AITraceable recently introduced the industry’s first free API security solution. Unique in its offering, Traceable’s free API security solution enables developers and security operations teams to get started improving the API security of their applications without the need for budgetary approval. With this new offering, Traceable AI aims to enable everyone to make progress on solving the API security crisis.


Category 10 - Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution

Mainframes are far from being the dinosaur of the IT world, and a variety of solutions are available for enabling DevOps practices in mainframe environments. This award recognizes the best of them.

Zowe Part of the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project, Zowe is a modern, open source interface that foundationally modernizes access to the Z platform, thereby opening the mainframe to the world of DevOps. The first open source project for z/OS, Zowe enables teams to treat mainframes like any other platforms allowing them to use popular, off-platform DevOps tools and frameworks. Mainframe teams can now collaborate with their enterprise IT counterparts to choose tools from the best of both worlds, creating their own mainframe DevOps toolchains. The current ecosystem offers close to 60 conformant mainframe products and services that can be integrated into, orchestrated and automated by off-platform tools.


Category 11 - Best DevOps for DataOps/Database Solution

Databases often have been left out of the DevOps conversation, but that is changing. This award recognizes the best solution to enable organizations to apply DevOps processes and practices to database development and management.

The BMC AMI SQL Performance for Db2® SolutionCase study with Dillard’sBMC delivers a modern solution designed for a new generation of mainframe developers. It eliminates wasteful SQL statements, manages performance throughout the application life cycle and audits privileged access to reduce risk. Additionally, it rapidly diagnoses performance problems, tracks them to their source and tunes SQL while anticipating and resolving slowdowns. This helps to avoid bad SQL, bad access paths and costly CPU upgrades.


Category 12 - Best New DevOps Tool/Service Provider

This award recognizes the service provider or tool that has brought the most innovation to the DevOps space in the past year.

Nobl9 – Nobl9 is the first platform purpose-built to make Service Level Objectives (SLOs) the centerpiece of DevOps and reliability engineering. Nobl9 makes SLO definition achievable for enterprises while providing a path forward for interoperability of SLO data with the greater ecosystem of application performance monitoring and cloud infrastructure. Nobl9 eliminates the top five challenges to SLO adoption (integration, data, alerting, math and cultural) and helps enterprises more easily adopt SLOs to bring a scientific, data-based metric to service reliability.