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DevOps Dozen 2019 Nominations Are Now Open

The DevOps Dozen awards are back and now open for nominations. This fifth annual DevOps Dozen honors the best of the best—the leaders and innovators in the DevOps community. This year’s awards will include 12 categories, including three new ones, with a winner chosen from each. As in years past, the top four to six nominees in each category will become finalists, who will be selected based upon the number of nominations they received. Nominations are made by you, the audience, and you can nominate up to two entrants in each category; however, you can nominate someone only once. In addition, everyone nominating will be required to provide their name and email address to help stem any potential ballot-stuffing. The winners will be selected by our esteemed panel of judges.

Last day to submit your nominations for the DevOps Dozen 2019 awards is Oct 10. Here’s where to vote: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/devopsdozen2019

Who are the judges? This was tough. We couldn’t have anyone who might be eligible for an award. That disqualifies vendors, practitioners and many others. However, I think we have four great judges:

  1. Alan Shimel, founder and editor in chief, DevOps.com
  2. Jayne Groll, CEO and co-founder of the DevOps Institute
  3. John Willis, CEO and founder, Botchagalupe Technologies
  4. Charlene O’Hanlon, managing editor, MediaOps

As stated earlier, the top four to six nominees in each category will be designated as finalists, who then can submit a presentation on why they deserve the award to judges@devops.com. Finalists will be announced the second week of November and the winners, who will be chosen by our panel of judges, will be announced in December.

Also, the product/technology-specific DevOps Dozen awards now will be part of our DevOps Tools Guide and Awards. This new initiative is our effort to create a comprehensive listing of tools and tools vendors to help end users better understand the DevOps market landscape, and to enable DevOps.com to recognize the top vendors in each category through its annual DevOps Tools Awards. To be included in this year’s guide, please complete the survey.

If you have questions, send them to DD@devops.com. Voting for finalist nominees is open for four weeks, so don’t waste any time—nominate your favorites today. Good luck to everyone vying to be one of the DevOps Dozen 2019!

Alan Shimel




The 2019 DevOps Dozen Categories

This category recognizes the best consultant/solutions provider in DevOps—those helping companies in their DevOps journeys.

DevOps is a team effort and team success depends on the work of every member. However, there always are few who go above and beyond the call of duty. Their passion, energy and enthusiasm is contagious. This category recognizes these real humans of DevOps.

We want to recognize the top executive at a DevOps tools or solution provider—not an executive leading a DevOps transformation within a company. Nominees can be any C-level executive, GM or SVP.

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There are so many great DevOps books and eBooks that have been published in addition to “The Phoenix Project.” This category highlights that are the most popular and make a great read.

This category is one of our favorites. We are blessed in DevOps to have so many great evangelists who travel the world spreading the DevOps gospel. Nominees can work for a company in the space or not. This should be a really competitive category.

This category recognizes organizations that are setting the bar in transforming their business through DevOps.

We want to acknowledge the key leaders driving the charge within organizations that have had the most success with their DevOps transformations.

This category seeks to recognize newer companies that have made an impact in the DevOps space and we believe will be tomorrow’s leaders. Nominees must be in the DevOps market less than 24 months.

There’s an IT-related conference somewhere on practically every day and even more DevOps related events coming up each year. With so many events to choose from, we thought it would be good idea to hear from the DevOps community about their top choices.

This category recognizes the best DevOps-themed presentation of the past year from any of the myriad conferences.

DevOps.com publishes multiple new articles every day. Which was the best one? Let us know so we can recognize the author.


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