DevOps Dozen 2022 – Community Award Winners

Best DevOps Industry Implementation

This award honors organizations that have successfully adopted and implemented DevOps principles and practices.

“The Best DevOps Industry Implementation was awarded to The FIS Operation Joined Arrows (OJA) project which implemented unified DevOps Continuous Integration (CI) capabilities and several other DevOps initatives to transform their business”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

FIS OJA DevOps Transformation and Implementation – The FIS Operation Joined Arrows (OJA) project implemented unified DevOps Continuous Integration (CI) capabilities, practices, and a specific set of core tools, including an enterprise Dashboard, to improve software delivery for many FIS application platforms that are strategic or being modernized. The OJA project resulted in many benefits including dramatic Agility improvements, Architecture benefits, User benefits, Security, Governance and Compliance benefits, System Administration benefits, Improved visibility provided by implementation of an enterprise DevOps Dashboard, High Return-on-Investment, and flawless Project Execution.

Best DevOps Survey/Analysis/Research

This award recognizes research that has significantly and positively impacted the DevOps community.

“Security is at the top of everyone’s list this year and GitLab’s 2022 DevSecOps survey and report helped show what the priorities are for the global DevOps community.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

GitLab 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey – GitLab released its 2022 Global DevSecOps Survey to uncover the key priorities, challenges, and opportunities of over 5,000 respondents including, organizational leaders, developers, security professionals, and operations teams. The results highlight security as the highest-priority investment area for organizations, with more than half of security team members stating their organizations have either shifted security left or plan to this year. Key challenges and opportunities for the upcoming year include tool consolidation and a continued effort to align development and security teams.

Best DevOps Related Video Series (Video)

This category highlights the most entertaining, educational and inspirational DevOps video series—those with the most engaging and highest-quality content.

“Viktor is a top DevOps Evangelist (he was a finalist in that category too) and this video series is a great example of why. Something for everyone in the DevOps community.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

The DevOps Toolkit – We want to help you learn the tools and the processes that you should be using and applying in your day-to-day job. We want to help you make decisions. What works well, what doesn’t work, why you should choose one tool over the other, and how to get up-to-speed quickly. Which tool works the best for a given task? What should we explore in more depth, and what is a waste of time?

Best DevOps Related Podcast Series (Audio Only)

Which is your favorite DevOps podcast from this year? In addition to DevOps Chats there are many podcasts focusing on a multitude of topics from CI/CD and testing to DevSecOps, Kubernetes, containers and more.

“Grafana has done a great job in building a great community. Their podcast is a great resource.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Grafana’s Big Tent – Just as Grafana brings together different technologies onto one platform, “Grafana’s Big Tent” is our opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible people, innovative products, and surprising projects that are shaping the observability world today. Grafana Labs’ Mat Ryer, Matt Toback, and Tom Wilkie host these lively episodes filled with sharp insight, candid conversations, exciting new voices from the community, and much more.

Best DevOps Book / eBook of the Year

Each year sees a plethora of well-crafted DevOps-related books and ebooks. This category highlights the most popular and best read of the year.

“The Purple Book authors and community have really made thier mark. This book was very deserving of this award in a year with several great books/ebooks.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Purple Book – The Purple Book serves as an end-to-end tour of the state of leading practices across governance, tooling, culture, risk prioritization and supply chain risk. The Purple Book features a useful body of work, investment in controls and new methods of security teams partnering closely with software developers and infrastructure operations teams. A few leaders came together to co-author the book as a free resource so that people and organizations everywhere can work towards simplifying software security, application security, product security, and DevSecOps, while staying protected and compliant. See:

Top DevOps Evangelist

This category is one of our favorites. There are so many great evangelists who spread the DevOps gospel, and we want to know who does it best. Nominees can work within the DevOps space or outside of it.

“We have followed Dan Garfield at Codefresh for several years. Moving into the chief open source officer role has set him free to do what he loves which is talk about open source and DevOps. An extremely worthy winner.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Dan Garfield – Dan Garfield is the Co-founder and Chief Open Source Officer of Codefresh, the developer first CI/CD platform. He helped launch the GitOps Working Group and helped lead the creation of the Open GitOps principles. As an Argo Maintainer, Kubernaut, and Google Developer Expert, he helps companies and individuals adopt Argo with GitOps. He helped create the most popular GitOps certification with Argo CD and writes consistently about best practices for GitOps involving security, development processes, and scaling. Dan is a passionate advocate for open-source innovation, and an enthusiastic champion for developers at every stage in their journey. Among his recent efforts, Dan has helped lead the democratization of GitOps by making the Codefresh hosted Argo platform accessible at no cost for community projects, individuals and small DevOps teams seeking unfettered access to GitOps best practices.

Best DevOps Transformation (Non-Vendor)

As digital transformation accelerates, which organizations stood out in their efforts to transform their business through DevOps?

“It is a great story to hear how the fourth-largest cosmetics company in the world transformed their business. Congrats to them.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Natura Cloud & DevOps Center of Excellence – Natura & Co is the fourth-largest cosmetics conglomerate in the world, operates in more than 70 countries and comprises the brands Aesop, Avon, and The Body Shop. Natura now has a Cloud & DevOps Center of Excellence, created with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS), to accelerate the deliverables of engineering teams, ensuring quality and safety in the implementation and operation of the products. The company had already initiated, eight years ago, a series of organizational changes related to technology, such as the reorganization of the way of working. This paved the way for a new Business Platform structured at Natura, which crosses competencies such as data intelligence, user experience (UX), service design and open innovation.

Best DevOps Virtual Event of the Year

Now that things are starting to return to normal, this category includes both in-person and virtual events.. Which DevOps event stands out from the others?

“Gene Kim’s DevOps Enterprise Summit has always been a Mecca for DevOps practitioners. While COVID-19 forced it to go virtual, the IT Rev team continued to innovate and keeps DOES a premier event.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

2022 DevOps Enterprise Summit – You learn from amazing talks, you’re surrounded by the best in the game, you find fellow travelers who face challenges similar to your own, and so much more. These often lead to lifelong relationships, and can even change your career.

Most Innovative DevOps Open Source Project

Open source projects are meant to promote innovation and increase efficiency, velocity and quality. While there are many great open source projects out there, the best ones are those that create a community of people who work on and with the technology and support each other.

“Yet another great open source project from the CNCF and Linux Foundation. We expect great things from Backstage in the near future.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Backstage – Backstage is an open platform for building developer portals, created at Spotify, donated to the CNCF, and maintained by a worldwide community of contributors.

DevOps Executive of the Year

This category celebrates excellence among DevOps leaders at the C-suite (or equivalent) levels. (Non-Vendor)

“Idit Levine is the embodiment of the DevOps mindset. She is a brilliant engineer who has built an amazing team and company. She is so deserving of this award.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Idit Levine – Idit Levine built from the ground up to meet a critical need in the growing microservices market–a key aspect of digital transformation. At its founding, few companies had been built to address these unique market demands. Levine predicted the future challenges microservices would create and decided to build a service that would meet the future needs of these organizations going through digital transformation. As an early innovator in the service mesh market, Levine worked tirelessly to ensure investors recognized the company’s value. With a $1 billion valuation and 99% customer renewal rate today,’s success speaks to Levine’s stewardship and the overall positive impact has had on the market.

Best DevOps Presentation of the Year

This category recognizes the best DevOps-themed presentation from the many conferences held during the year.

“Going from hundreds of pipelines to one may seem like an impossible dream. But this DevOps World session from Capital One showed how it can be done.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

Ali Ravji & Prashant Parekh – In thier presenation Journey from 100’s of Pipelines to a Single Pipeline Ecosystem delivered at DevOps World 2022, Ali Ravji – Technology Leader, Capital One and Prashant Parekh – Director, Software Engineering, Capital One discuss how they evolved from 100s of pipelines and to a single pipeline with seamlessly merging best practices, SDLC standards and compliance across the company into pipeline.

Best Article of the Year publishes multiple new articles every day. Which was the best article from this year? Let us know so we can recognize the author.

“Who knows what a dev wants? Well, they don’t want to waste time sitting in training for stuff they won’t use. This article from Security Compass advises giving developers the facts-and nothing but the facts-they need.”
Alan Shimel, Techstrong Group Founder & CEO

What A Dev Wants – “When it comes to today’s security training programs for software developers, often their organizations are looking to check a compliance box. Typically, security training programs wind up being time-consuming and not aligned with the interests of developers. Security leader Trevor Young (Chief Product Officer, Security Compass) believes that organizations should ask this simple, but pertinent, question: What do developers really want out of their security training program?

According to Trevor (, effective training programs will have an important downstream impact as organizations work to build a culture with a strong foundation in security. Managers tend to see better results from training that is hands-on, interactive, engaging and related to developer tasks.”