The DevOps Dozen 2017

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the third annual DevOps Dozen Awards. In many ways this year was a watershed year for the DevOps Dozen, as the process of selecting, voting and choosing the winners was much more refined and mature. In each of the 12 (it is a dozen, after all) categories the winners were absolutely deserving of the award and recognition.

Many thanks to our all-star panel of judges: Jayne Groll, Robert Stroud, Helen Beal, George Hulme and Ericka Chickowski. I was the tie-breaker judge and had to cast a vote in just one category. I should also say that almost all of the categories were very tight. Every one of the finalists was deserving of the recognition!

These awards are a reflection of some of the great work being done in the DevOps community. They are not exhaustive; there are many, many worthy companies, people, projects and products out there. But here is our take on the best of the best in DevOps.

So, without further ado, scroll down and meet the 2017 DevOps Dozen winners.

Alan Shimel


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